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"Shari is the total package. She is not only one of the most creative persons I have ever known, she is also very professional and a good business person. Her marketing materials and designs were a large part of our success at Fairway Villas."


- Tom Bohlander, Developer, Fairway Villas at Catawba Island Club



"It's an absolute pleasure to work with Shari. She has the uncanny ability to understand what I'm looking for even when I can't articulate the idea. Once I said to her "it needs to be more". I couldn't find any other way to explain and yet somehow the next iteration was more. How did she know what I meant by more???? Shari is fast, professional and artistic. No cookie cutter designs here. I recommend Shari each and every chance I get."


- Nathalie Casthely Hornillos, Vice President, Koerner Kronenfeld Partners
  President of the Parent Association, St. Gregory The Great School



"Shari is one of the most creative and innovative designers I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. It takes a skilled eye to create a visually compelling piece, whether it's a printed material or an electronic communication. Shari has that eye. When we work together, I know that the fruits of our efforts will not only contribute to the success of our clients, but will also grow their business by translating creative concepts into measurable results."


- Marci Singer, Writer



"I have worked as Shari’s print vendor for over 6 years. From day one, Shari presented herself as professional, organized, prompt, meticulous AND creative. These characteristics alone make her the cream of the crop, but then add in a fun and energetic personality and you end up with a real gem! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside Shari both professionally and as a friend. It has truly been my honor.


- Betsy Parker, Relationship Manager, Sigler



"Shari has an amazing talent for capturing the true essence of my business and translating that understanding in a creative logo that fits my values and unique sales position in the marketplace. A brand is vital to a businesses success and I am grateful to Shari for creating my brand."


- Daniel Cherrin, Founder, North Coast Strategies



"I have had the extreme privilege of working with Shari Corona for 4 years. Early on, Shari proved to be an invaluable resource. From a simple web graphic request to a full-set of campaign creative, Shari completed all requests in a quick and very professional manner. Shari’s experience and expertise allow her to quickly grasp concepts and return spot on materials. It is with great pleasure I recommend Shari Corona to anybody looking for a professional and talented designer who attacks projects with enthusiasm, creativity and fun."


- Mark Hudson, Director Partnerships & Franchise Marketing, Learning Care Group



"Shari is a pleasure to work with! She is a creative and dedicated designer with a positive and upbeat demeanor; a responsive team player with fresh ideas and a great work ethic!"


- Lisa Piccirillo, Traditional and Digital Marketing Professional



"Shari is a great co-worker. She is one of the hardest workers I know. She manages her time very effectively as she has many creative requests coming in - all priority in the eye's of the requestor. Shari is very thorough and accurate in her work. I never have to worry with anything she designs. Her designs always fit the concept we are looking for. It is an absolute pleasure to have her on the team."


- Sherri Bobbitt, Director of Business Development, Learning Care Group

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